Criminal and Traffic Defense

Highly experienced in all areas of criminal and traffic defense, Rakness & Wright is ready to fight for you. They bring extensive experience as prosecutors and defense attorneys to every client and every case, and they will not stop working until they have achieved the best possible outcome. If you would like to talk about your case, or the case of a loved one, please contact us to set up a phone or in-person appointment.

Civil Litigation

Rakness & Wright are focused and steadfast litigators ready to assist clients in contract disputes and injured persons cases. With proven results, they are ready to give their clients’ cases the time and energy needed to achieve case goals. Oftentimes, that means negotiating or even litigating cases to ensure fair compensation. When necessary, they are ready and able to employ experts to fully explore and explain the strengths of their clients’ cases. Rakness & Wright PLC does not back down when advocating for the reasonable positions of their clients. Though aware of the financial costs and inefficiencies of trial, Rakness & Wright PLC is not afraid to take a case to trial if necessary to vindicate their clients’ rights and interests.

Family Law

Rakness & Wright PLC is a skilled and dependable family law firm. With years of dedicated experience, we handle difficult cases such as high-pressure child custody and marital separation matters, high asset divorces, and adoption. Ryan and Hannon are quite aware of the financial and emotional considerations attendant to divorce cases. Though often the goal is to reach a favorable settlement for our client, we prepare every case as if it will go to trial. We also understand the importance and utilization of expert witnesses in areas such as forensic accounting, parenting capacity, and vocational earnings.

Ryan and Hannon derive tremendous satisfaction in advocating for their clients and trying to reach their goals of protecting their families and futures.